Welcome to Polk County Farm Bureau

We are one of 100 county Farm Bureaus that are an extension of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, a grassroots organization.  We support and promote key areas such as family farms, youth, health, renewable energy and more.

For over 90 years, Farm Bureau and its  members have been helping Iowans on the farm, in schools, in communities and in life. We influence local, state and national policy. We provide education and leadership classes to farmers.  We promote agricultural advancements such as wind energy, corn ethanol and soy biodiesel.

 At Polk County Farm Bureau, there is a place for everyone.  We encourage you to take an active role in the Farm Bureau community and know  your involvement is important in the movement that is growing agriculture and changing the lives of all Iowans and the communities we call home.

We are dedicated to helping member families prosper and improve their quality of life.

New Member Benefit! Ford Motor Company

Ford Vehicles

Members can save $500 on the purchase or lease of new qualifying Ford vehicles through an exclusive Bonus Cash offer. (Minimum 30 day membership required.)

Download a Bonus Cash certificate to present to your Ford dealer on the Iowa Farm Bureau website (www.iowafarmbureau.com)

Need your membership number? Call Jen at the Polk County office at 515-964-5354 or Call or Member Helpline (866) 598-3693. Check with your local Ford dealership for participation.